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Daura Medzhal Ala






Date of born: 15.11.2009


Teeth: correct bite


Parents: Odor Mortis Patisha /imp. Russia/ x Sher Giz Ukyply /imp.Russia/


Shows : Best puppy, 2 x best young female, 2x CAJC, res. CAC, 4 x CAC, CACIB,BOB waiting for junior champion of Hungary, champion of Slovakia and Interchampion

Dysplasia : HD - 0/0, ED - A/A





  Daura is typical CAO with wonderfull head, strong bones and excellent character!  She is perfect show dog she like it and she shows off herself alone! We was with her on some shows and all the time she won her class!  Daura is our dear and we love her so much!

 Ancestry of Daura and D´Gjulshat are very interesting! Father  is young and very promising male SHER GIZ UKYPLY, which comes from very famous and successful kennel in Russia Sher GIZ. Owner of this kennel is Natalia Kisteneva / St. Petersburg /. This kennel have about lots of show successful results and many successful dogs! They are really nice and typical CAO!

Father_of_Daura___SherGiz_Ukypli_3 Father_of_Daura___SherGiz_Ukypli_4
           Sher Giz Ukyply                Sher Giz Ukyply

Sher Giz Ukyply / Pushtun x Gch.CH. Rus.,NKP,RKF Vilgura /. Pushtun is son of ETIN, grandson  of famous turkmenian dog ARLAN  /owner Kjarizov - Turkmenistan /, great-grandchild of turkmenian male ERLEN /owner Kjarizov – Turkmenistan /. FARHUNDA is from father side granddaughter of very famous male in Turkmenistan white colour dog AKBAJ!  VILGURA is CH of Russia, Grandchampion of Russia, Champion RKF,… etc. Vilgura gives of her progeny beautiful head type, which she inherit from  her wonderfull father ERGIZ. Vilgura childrens have a lot of successful show results – CH, GCH of Russia, CH RKF, NKP, CH. EST., LT… etc.

 GCh. Ch.Rus., NKP,RKF ERGIS / Pushtun x Matbashe/ father of Vilgura is very successful dog!

ERGIS_2010.jpg Daura_grandfather_Pushtun
                          Ergis                            Pushtun

 Mother of Daura is Odor MORTIS PATISHA, which was imported from Russia to kennel Medzhal Ala. Father of Patisha is famous male Ch. VIT BIR ELDASH! He is son of world Winter 2000 and father of world Winter 2006!!! Vit Bir Eldash is Champion of Russia too.  Mother of Patisha and grandmother of our Daura is ODOR MORTIS TAISHE. Her father is world-famous male ALAR / ARAY x ALTYN /. He was born in 1997 / owner Berchanskiy Igor, Russia /. Alar is 100% turkmenian dog.  Parents of ALAR was imported from Turkmenistan! Alar was beautiful white male to tall with 86 cm and 75 kg. Alar was wonderfull fighter , winner of many fights. Only in 2002 he had 22 win and only 1 loss! Alar was father of many perfect dogs. He gave nice exterier and character too! His ancestry amounting many successful show results in all Europe and Russia. One of his most famous son is AHTAR, which is Grand Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Club champion of Russia. Father od ALAR – ARAY never lose any fight!

Alar_1 aray_4
Alar Aray
Mother, ALTYN (Aždar, Sapara x Akbaj, Bolkunova FI) born 22.10.1994, maj. Okoročkova / RU - blood headed to inbreeding AKGUŠ Turkmen dog - granddaughter of this excellent dog, who became a legend! Founder of kennel "Altyn Kumly".Typical, massive, big female flowers 76 cm, solid backs, strong neck, excellent headlines - beautiful profile of the head, flat face, perfect filler under the eyes - female the desired proportions, suitable (set point) for breeding .... "This is an excerpt from the report of Altyn who came from well known and recognized jundge of Turkmenistan, Mrs. Farida Ismailovny Bolkunovej, on the one special show where only (SAO) were introduced of Turkmenistan. Altyn is a very strong female, which is also attended matches.

Their descendants proudly sells high visual qualities and occupational characteristics - heritage from the famous AKGUŠA, Turkmenistan.
Mother of excellent dog Ch. Altyn Kumla BURGUTA, Ch.KARAGUŠA, Ch.AŽDARA, Ch.AZIZI, Ch.ALTYN Kumla ŽIGY etc. ...

Achtar Altyn1

Ahtar and Altyn on the pictures

Daura Pedigree :


Sher-Giz Ukyply














Odor Mortis Patisha



Vit Bir Eldash


                          Tau Bay




 Odor Mortis Taysha




Odor Mortis Baltis